Le Roi s'amuse

Le Roi s'amuse is the name of the first artistic event company created by Anne-Laurence Savin

The name, very popular with our clients, continues its association with the creation of the Soirées Grand Siècle: from the time of Louis XIV to the end of the 18th century, a period rich in refined evening entertainment.

Our spectacular evening events will recreate this special ambiance for you and for which we can provide period costumes for all your guests.

Our artists will invite you to join them and learn to dance the minuet, fight sword duels, play croquet and other games of the time - or even learn to speak the mysterious language of fans, behind which you will exchange secrets and witticisms, while musicians and singers enchant you with the music of Rameau, Lully, Mozart…

Haie d'honneur violon et couple en habit du XVII ème siècle
1 maitre de cérèmonie au portes du chateau de versaille, 2 Couple en habit du 18ème siècle, 3 Couple en Habit du 18ème siècle, 4 Violonistes